What a crazy world!

Well… As the world keeps imploding and we try to normalize life as we know it, it is important to hold onto our values and to do things that bring us joy.

My morning cup of coffee brings me normalcy and happiness. I’ve started a journal of what I’m grateful for each day and what has brought me joy.

Do what you need to make you feel happy. Having a constant in life can help. Remember to reflect on the good.

Yes, the troublesome world has slowed business for most people. Small businesses are closing, servers are unemployed, and dreams are swirling down the toilet. BUT, I am still trying! It is discouraging to see the uphill climb but exhilarating to see what ‘could’ be. Hopefully my dreams of full time pottery will eventually come to fruit but for now I am SO grateful for my studio space, my support system, and my full time job that is helping to keep food on the table.

Keep on keeping on my friends.

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